listen to the songs. Pay no mind to the bad poetry.


next up: FRANCIE MOON + DARKWING split cassette (BETA038)

a veritable rock n roll bonanza! 3 songs from each band! revved-up bluesed-out punk on the A-side and solid garage rock through a cloud of fuzz and weed smoke on the flip.

cover photo by the fantastic and intriguing shawn bradford!

coming sooooooon

Hey cool! A release on a real life label!

Fuckin w andy


came on a face


Forrest Choe
@davidchoe @davidchoe2



Sex or hate. I’m not in a good mood so hate it is. Its not like I wake up angry at the world, it just magically happens and you just have to wait for it to end. Not even Pharrell or Ashanti seeing their own version of Happy can change my mood.

10:00 am Hey lady at…

Offensive joke

A tech 9 is so inaccurate it couldn’t hit the world trade center if it was being fired from the plane that crashed into it…  

I wrote it here because I’d catch a lot of flack on facebook.


I’m hi rn

i feel very alive in the cold grips of winters death

i can see all the past lessons in my exhaled breath

i run numb fingers along the boarders of oblivion

and words are hard to find when there’s headphones on your head

so keep riding the subway in cool, lonely anonimity.

just hope you dont get kicked in the head by a youth that shines brighter than you ever did. its not like you’d care anyway, you have nothing to fight for.  you could stop to defend your useless cause, but you dont have to because the machine will keep moving with or without you.  

thats the reality of the city.  

the trees are our puppets in the city.

they grow on earth that we placed upon tombs that we buried our psychotic attempts at controlling the rock we live on.  on the blue gem that allows us all to be alive and to think and feel. 

too bad 

too bad we ruined it. 

too bad its dying

too bad for us

the universe doesnt care

the universe cares about us about as much we care about picking up a cigarette butt off the ground.

too bad i learned a lesson from don draper

too bad the evil ones can walk among us and eachother unnoticed and outside of natural laws.  Theres a few million demons wreaking havoc in this city. laying waste to everything that you all think is worth taking a picture of. 

and all i can do is write about it on my goddamn blog.

fuck this.